Sunday, August 31, 2008

2 More Days

There is only 2 more days until school starts. Personally I'm excited for school to start. I always am. But I'll miss summer, and not having to do anything. This year I'm in pod A. I guess that's o.k. But I would have been o.k with any pod. But I have a bunch of my friends in my pod! So that good! And we only get 1 trimester of gym this year, which stinks. But, I get the best gym teacher! Mr. Peterson. He's really nice and fun! I'm hoping this year will be good because this is my last year at the middle school. Next year I'm at the HIGH SCHOOL!!!
Well, have a great rest of the summer everyone!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Well yesterday I sorta taught Kennedy how to ride her bike! My dad started to teach her last summer and she hasn't rode her bike since. She said she hated it and still does. My mom had to drop something off at a friend of ours that lives by our house and said we could come. I was on the computer and didn't know they left. My mom and dad took the car (I thought they took Kennedy with them). And Carter and Cooper walked Emme. So I went downstairs expecting to leave, and they we all gone. So I jumped on my bike and rode over there. When I got there my dad told me that Kennedy was in her room. So he made me go back to our house and get her. When I got there I knew she would want to go there. So I said your going to ride your bike over there with me. She did NOT want to at all. But I put a helmet and elbow and knee pads on her and we practiced. We first started on the grass, then the road. So she went on the road and ran into the curb. So we had to practice steering. But then she got it. Then we started to head over there. I ended up walking (I actually ran) because she couldn't start off on her own. But anyway she was really good and rode all the way over there. She just doesn't really know how to stop. But never fell! She did great but says she still hates it. Typical Kennedy!

Happy Birthday Kennedy!

Well, I had a really cool video for Kennedy's Birthday but it won't work so that stinks. But anyway Happy 8th Birthday!