Saturday, April 18, 2009


If you are going to watch the video, scroll down and press pause on my music playlist! Sorry about that! :)

Happy Early Birthday Carter and Cooper!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

American Idol Pick!

My fav for American Idol this year is Kris Allen, but I'm not too sure he'll win. I think Danny Gokey or Adam Lambert will win. But I'm rootin' for Kris! GO KRIS!!!

Who do you think will win??

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Birthday List!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok here is my birthday list for this year......

-Body Pillow(**ask my mom about it)
-Bean Bags for My Room(**also ask my mom)
-A new toothbrush!-the ones that have the rubbery stuff on the outside of the fuzzy part!
-A Coffee Mug/Thermos
-The Hannah Montana Movie Soundtrack!
-A Make-Up Bag(**ask my mom)(:
-An Orange Mac Laptop...the only reason why I REALLY need a laptop is our computer at home is slowly crashing..and I've wanted one for a REALLY long time(:
-A nice Video Camera! (so I can make more videos!!!)
-A White Nintendo DS with the games-Nintendogs and My Secret Journal..and any others that I might Like!
-The Medal of Honor Game for the Nintendo Game Cube or PS2.
-A Nice White Desk that will fit in my room(**you should probably ask my mom on that one too)
-Lots of HERSHEY'S Chocolate!!!
-Gum! -The Minty kind Please!
-FOR MY MOTHER DEAREST!!!!-you know that I'm very upset about you leaving over my Birthday soooo.... I was thinking maybe you could give my a little extra something to make it up and I think you should let me get a new phone early..cause I REALLY want the GLEAM(ann's phone)! Like REALLLY badly.....and OMG! I just went online and it's only 20 bucks!! ohhhhhh MAMA MIA!!!

**- My mom will be leaving for Africa on April 28th! So try to ask her before then!!!!


Sunday, April 05, 2009

News Cast!

Here's a little video that i put together!! I hope you like it cause it was a LOT of work! (: